Contacts on Dropbox

I use contacts and busy contacts for my contacts. I recently got the contacts for my HOA (about 200) and want to have them in Dropbox so all board members will have access to them and be able to update it. I don’t know of a way to do that with either of these programs.
Is Airtable viable for this?
Is it easily usable like that?
Is there another solution?

If this is a business, have you considered having your IT department create an email account just for this purpose? You could enter the information then your board members could just add the account to their regular contacts application.

I did this several years ago to share home addresses and personal phone numbers among our executives and managers who wished to participate. But I made the info read only.

You’re really looking for a CRM of some kind, ideally you’d know who contacted each person last, why, and any current open issues as well as previous issues. If you just want the contact information, then a shared account for just contacts is the way to go, but it’s likely someone will mess it up by adding personal contacts or deleting something. If you have an IT department who manages mail accounts, etc., then they can set up a shared/centralised address book of some kind, how precisely depends on what system they’re currently using.

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Rosemary- thanks for the response. No IT department. Just me. We are a homeowners association in the country. We have up to 7 board members who would use it. I am all apple some of the others use windows.
I think we can all get on Dropbox.
I don’t know what kind of address book will work with that.
Open to any ideas.

Just a little brainstorm here. You’d have to try it out. Make a brand new Google account. Give the 7 people the ID and password. Put the contacts into the Google Contacts app. You could connect that account with your Contacts and Busy Contacts apps on your mac, and I suspect the Windows people can do same with whatever app they might be using (Outlook?).

Not terribly secure by sharing the same ID, I guess. But might be fit for purpose. Google Workspace (fees involved) more secure as each would have their own ID.