Content / Ad Blocker recommendations? (mainly for Safari)

Mullvad provides profile for encrypted DNS on iOS devices: GitHub - mullvad/encrypted-dns-profiles: macOS and iOS profiles to configure our DNS over TLS and DNS over HTTPS service. Can be applied with human interaction, or via MDM.

Info on Mulled site: DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS - Guides | Mullvad VPN

After reading several threads about this topic, I re-found this one. Specifically this comment about Private Relay causing a bypass of Next DNS.

If I set up NextDNS on my individual devices (like my iPad), would I not want to use a VPN like NordVPN as it would cause a conflict like Private Relay?

I understand this stuff at a basic level. But I’ve got some time to try out NextDNS and see how it affects my browsing experience on multiple browsers.

Wow, what timing. I’ve been looking into this exact question this week! I haven’t yet figured it out though…

I’ve gathered that most VPNs don’t let you use a custom DNS. Some do, but can’t use NextDNS.

For example, I just started playing with Guardian DNS through my Eero Plus subscription. It allows custom DNS by I can’t figure out how to use NextDNS. I’ve emailed them, but I’m not optimistic.

I’ve found a couple posts that suggest NextDNS works through IVPN, and possibly Viscosity, but I haven’t looked at these yet.

I’ve also seen suggestions that VPN + NextDNS is not possible or advisable.

So, no real answer here yet, but just sharing my in-progress research. Maybe someone else can chime in.

As an update to the original question:

I went with NextDNS on individual devices, and am very happy with it. So I’d like to keep the ad and tracking blocking of NextDNS, while adding the security of VPN (especially when on public networks). FWIW, Guardian VPN has some built-in firewall and some extra filters, but I don’t believe they block ads.

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