Contents list in pages


I am editing a thing in Pages. I can see how to include/exclude styles from the contents list - but not how to set the level at which a style will appear. I’ve hunted around in vain, and searching yields nothing useful (as ‘pages’ is a fairly generic search term, and all the help I can find is for MS Word).

So: How to adjust the ‘level’ at which something is listed in a contents listing?

I’m not sure it’s possible to have multiple levels – at least, not according to Apple

Perhaps manually inserting Tabs or adjusting the Left Indent for those items?

I currently have two levels - headings and subheadings. No difference in the tabs or indenting between them

Want to include another style in the list (easy) but its appearing as a top level, not sublevel.

Got it.

You have to click into the contents list and edit the formatting there, rather than in style definitions.

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