Controlling Mac with an iOS app

I’m looking for an app to control the Mac mini while I’m sitting on the couch. I don’t want to have to bring a table close by to use the mouse & keyboard.

I was wondering if the community knew of any apps that I could use to control a Mac mini, to be specific?

Any “VNC” app will suffice.
Screens is a favorite of the community


For causal use, I’ll second Screens as a great app. If you’re planning to do more extensive work on the Mac while using the iPad to control it, you may want to look into Luna Display, as it is supposed to have very low latency for this kind of thing.

anything available that is free?

Your options are going to depend on what functionality you really need. For the basics (app switching and system commands) the free version of Alfred Remote along with Alfred on the Mac can get you started.

I’ve been using the free VNC Viewer for about a year and it works great both at home and out and about.

Thanks, I’ll give this one a try.

Not controlling your Mac per se, but when I am on the couch with my iPad and need sth from my Mac, I use this shortcut ( to wake my Mac and login from from my iPad. Subsequently, I use File Eplorer ( to access any file on the Mac.

And when I rly need do sth, I use Duet Air (

Jump Desktop. I use this scenario every day and it works great.

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Sorry if this seems like a daft question. Does Screens allow you to scale the Mac screen to be full screen on the ipad?

I currently use Free VNC, but despite the resolution of the 12.9” iPad Pro being massively larger than the Mac screen I use, it make the screen scale height wise, but this mans that I’ve got to scroll side to side, so I have to effectively use the ipad as a large trackpad to move the mouse and click, rather than natively being able to click anywhere I want on the screen and it be a mouse click

Yes. Screens will display a connected Mac full screen
(You can also “pinch and zooml