Converting video to AVI

A friend of mine uses QT7 to convert video to AVI for a number of clients. QT7 goes away this month.

Does anyone know of any software that’ll work in Catalina?

VLC can convert mp4 to avi. It’s been around for years so I would expect it to work with Catalina.

I’ll check it out. /twentycharacters

If I need to convert video, I always use HandBrake.

It’s free and it works fairly well. Just beware that converting video is slow unless you have high-end hardware.

I know VideoLan / VLC as a video player. I was unaware that it could also convert.

Handbrake will do from AVI but not to AVI.

Unfortunately VLC won’t do uncompressed AVI which is unfortunately a key requirement I didn’t specify.

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Have you tried the best app called Permute by Charlie Monroe Software?

I use it along with his other great App called Downie to convert videos.

I’ve looked on the product page and don’t it called o specifically.

Is there a way in your friends solution to import legacy Apple codecs?

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Uncompressed AVI is not a supported output format for Handbrake (only input). Will check out Permute, though! Thanks.

Yup. I was going down the handbrake road and went back and saw that you asked about uncompressed.

Really wish Apple would keep support for the old codecs in their modern media apps. Guess the conversion to 64-bit only has killed a lot of them.

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Yeah, it’s a pretty niche use case to be fair but it’s working with a legacy system that isn’t really negotiable.

Permute and Downie are available on Setapp.

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Alternatively, Downie is $3.50 at Bundlehunt right now (though I should note that the app I use, Softorino Converter, is also available there for $2)