Cool animation / build in Keynote

I am building a presentation in Keynote. Normally I do technical and product based trainings and I use a pretty standard look and feel. However, I am being asked to do a presentation to other companies in my area (I work for an audio company and we are part of a local group of manufacturers. This presentation is to introduce them to who we are and what we do).

I prefer to minimize words whenever possible and I want to show images of our people, our products and our process. I had the thought to have images float “down” and land on the screen. By “down” I don’t mean from the top of the screen to the bottom, I mean have each image come in from ‘in front’ of the screen and land on the background color / pattern. I’d love it to ‘float’ a bit (non-linear) and have it hit and rotate slightly.

I was playing around with combining actions, but they all feel clunky. Any ideas?

This sounds like the build-in called “Scale” or, possibly “Scale Big”. Have you tried either of those? You can un-click “bounce” and change the time to your liking. Make sure the direction is set on “Down”.

If “Scale” is not what you want, can you describe what you want to do differently?

“Scale” is very close to what I had in mind. It is a bit too linear compared to what I had in mind, but I can probably make it work. I wish I could have a second Action to happen “with Build 1” and not “after Build 1”.

Also, I don’t want all the images to be the same direction. I want some to be at angles and such. I am not sure I can have them start off angled before the Build In. (Figured this part out…never mind this)

You can probably do this using Magic Move. By “too linear” do you mean you want the images not just to enter from “above” but also from a side? If so, you could place the images to start wherever you want them to, including off the viewable area (do you know how to do this?) and then Magic Move them to where you want them. They would enter from the edge of the slide and scale to size all in one motion. The advantage here of starting them off the movable area is that they would not be seen at all until you wanted them to be.

If instead you mean you want the images to move along a non-linear path, you could draw the path and then use “Make Motion Path From Shape” to move the images to where you want them along that path. They also could be moved in from off the edge of the slide. You would have to play around and see if you could simultaneously scale, fade, or whatever other effects you want.

Would either of these work?

Personally, I would just show pictures and talk about the people. That’s where you’ll connect with the audience.
Effects are okay for one, maybe two slides total, but they get old really fast.


I wanted them to look like they were falling and if they were, they would not fall in such a linear fashion. The Scale option is my best one…thanks for the suggestion.

The entire slide show is all ‘fluff’, honestly. I use it only as a background and the builds will all be automatic based upon my delivery. Essentially what you suggest, JohnAtl…but I wanted(and will have) the pictures to appear as I spoke.

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You can get as nonlinear as you wish if you create a very nonlinear path and have them move along that path.