Cool USB hub for new MacAir

Got a Christmas present early as I needed it to get my new machine set up.


I can connect my external display, USB mouse (I STILL hate trackpads!) and it even had SD card reader and MicroSD Card reader ad spare USB ports that are fast enough to connect my external drives. It seems to run a little hot but I like it so far. I’ll go post some pictures of my new office setup later today.

I have one that looks just like this, but I believe it’s a different brand. It works great, except it doesn’t play well with my Logitech presenter. I plug the USB-A receiver into, and it’s all good until I move more than 6 inches from the Mac. Then it doesn’t seem to receive any of signals from the remote. Just an FYI in case you want to give it a thorough run-through with all your devices.