"Copy Link Text" for Safari


Is there a way to add an option in the menu that appears when we right click hyperlinks in Safari on macOS that says “Copy Link Text” which when pressed will copy the link’s text to the clipboard?

You just want the anchor text of the link but not the URL? Selecting the link text (the anchor text) and using ⌘C will do that.

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Yes. Thanks for replying. Some times it is difficult to select a link with mouse/trackpad w/o clicking on it. A right click menu option would be handy.

Select above/below or before/after then drag to the other end of the link.

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Or select beginning with the space just before the text selection and ending just after. The extra spaces are removed by the procedure.

Anyway, @sridhar could create a Quick Action with Automator to extract the text from a link, and add to the contextual menu by configuring the Quick Action with the “add to services” option. There are also a few hack apps that can add commands to the contextual menu.

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