Cord Cutting Help

What TV Guide/Can U Stream it type apps do you use to help the cord cutting experience? The TV app is great when the app/channel supports it, but not all are supported. Is there an alternative to opening several streaming apps to see if what I’m looking for is available?

I’d like to have one place to go to see all my “Favorite” shows/movies etc. It could be on the iPad or Apple TV.

Look up Pluto. I think the website is

Not exactly what you are after but I use Television Time to keep track of the shows I watch/follow. It does say where it airs but does not separate that out by streaming service.

It does, however, enable me to switch streaming services much easier since the app is where I track my shows and where I’m at in a given season.

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Thanks @HobbyCollector . Television Time is helpful.

Does anyone know of an app that will allow tracking of movie sales similar to AppSliced for Apps? Here’s what I’m looking for. Sometimes I see/hear of a good movie I want to watch or rent, but I’m not in a hurry. I’d rather wait for it to come to HBO or Netflix or rent on iTunes, but by the time the movie gets out of the theater I’ve already forgotten about it. Does such a tool exist?