Coronavirus is no laughing matter but this T-shirt (baby yoda) made me laugh

Coronavirus is no laughing matter so I’m not making light of it. That said, I found this T-shirt amusing.



38% of Americans wouldn’t buy Corona beer “under any circumstances” because of the coronavirus, according to a recent survey.


I found it sad that many Chinese restaurants are suffering because I guess people think they can get this virus either from Chinese food or their Chinese employees. Next time you eat out, go Chinese and fight ignorance. (And, I guess pick up a 6-pack of Corona beer while you are out.)


Great idea. I’ll get Chinese next time I’m out.

I had a disheartening conversation with one of my doormen who was speculating that it was a US government-engineered virus. I pointed out that some experts believe it originated at Chinese food markets (where bats are sold for food, and bats are infamous as carriers of viruses). He asked why it suddenly would appear, and I noted that viruses mutate which is why each year there’s a differently-designed flu shot. “Oh,” he said dubiously, “you get a flu shot?”

But people are freaking out all over the world. Shinzo Abe yesterday requested that Japan’s entire school system close next week until April because of the virus.

And there is good compelling evidence that it is an offshoot/variety of an engineered virus made in the Chinese lab in Wuhan. DNA sequencing published a several days ago. CDC had a comment it had “elements consistent with man-made viruses” weeks ago in one of their daily briefings.

If climate change doesn’t wipe us out, which it probably will at the rate we’re not doing anything about it, then my money is definitely on a man-made virus (accidentally or purposefully released) wiping out most of the population.

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That is a very high probability IMO.

Had a 20-minute conspiracy-theory rant on this topic yesterday from an Uber driver.

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Folks, I think we are getting off topic. I wanted to share a funny t-shirt; not start a thread on the apocalypse and conspiracy theories. :slight_smile:


Two of the top three favorite topics in the U.S. LOL

(You can guess at #3.)

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Based on this forum, I’d say subscriptions! :slight_smile:


[quote=“OogieM, post:7, topic:15984”]
And there is good compelling evidence that it is an offshoot/variety of an engineered virus made in the Chinese lab in Wuhan.[/quote]

This is one of those conspiracy stories promoted by sites like Zero Hedge, CCN (not CNN) and Infowars. As for the CDC I found nothing they released to confirm that; their most recent report is here:

A good fact-check on the wheat and chaff of claims at


Everyone laughs at the preppers, until the preppers get to laugh :slight_smile:


UM, My original info came from an initial report from a US government source I get lots of info from regarding disease outbreaks. It has been modified now. So I will stand corrected.

At my company, nearly every disinfectant bottle/dispenser is being stolen out of the bathrooms. :smiley:

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That’s classic! :laughing:

On the other hand, one of my favorite Chinese restaurants shut down because their employees were Chinese citizens in the US illegally( smuggled in ) and were caught.

They probably weren’t bringing these people into the US via official channels where infected people could be prevented from entering the US. Luckily this happened a long time ago , way before the Coronavirus appeared.

So, yeah, don’t let your guard down.