Cracked my 6S screen ... Buy new or fix?

Good evening all! In a tragic turn of events, I recently cracked the screen on my trusty old iPhone 6s. I’m debating a few options:

  1. Does anyone have any experience with third-party screen repair places? I’ve read very mixed reviews.
  2. What are the chances of Apple keeping last year’s iPhone X around at a decreased price? If so, I might stick it out a month and see if I can score one more cheaply.
  3. I know there must be many yearly iPhone buyers around these parts - so if anyone has an iPhone 7 or newer sitting unused they might want to sell me, do let me know.


I changed a screen on a 6 using parts from iFixit. Pretty easy to do… 6S is very similar.

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We had a bad experience with third party screen on my Wife’s 7. We took it in and the first screen was so dim, and you could never see it with sunglasses on. We took it back and they said they had a bad run of screens. They replaced it.

Seems like by the time we got the second screen home, it was already marred with tiny scratches and it just kept getting worse. After about three weeks, my wife dropped the phone (in a case) and the screen shattered.

Never again will I do a third party screen. We saved about $30 by not going to Apple in the first place. Not worth it. We took it to Apple, had the screen replaced and it is way better. She’s even dropped it a couple times - in the same case - without any issues.

I would recommend getting a factory replacment or a new phone.

Unless you want to do both, then get as cheap a screen as you can, sell it and buy a new one :slight_smile:


I used iMend (in the UK) to replace my iPhone 7 screen. They are a mobile fitting service. Both me and a colleague had damaged screens, called them up one day expecting to arrange a date for them to come the following week. They called back, arranged a time less than an hour away, turned up and replaced both screens and were gone less than two hours after my initial call. And around half the price of Apple. I would definitely recommend them!

The screen itself is indistinguishable from the original. Maybe slightly less responsive in the top left corner occasionally (if that is possible and not me overthinking something), but generally superb.

I’ve bought off iFixit many times and their parts have been as good as Apple’s. I changed the screen on my daughter’s 6 and my 6S using their helpful films without problems.