Craft adds equations and more with latest update

For those who may be interested but are not currently using Craft, here are today’s updates.

1.6.6 - Craft update - Inline Equations, New Icons & Major Share Sheet update

This week, we are introducing three major updates and a couple of other improvements and fixes.

One of the longstanding requests from many of you to quickly add Inline Equations as you write in a text block. Starting from today, you can do this, either by transforming an existing text to an equation or using the $$ markdown shortcut.

Another popular request since we released the app to extend the capabilities of our Share Sheet. From now on, you can use it for adding images and other types of file attachments too!

Last but not least, we are taking the next step with our updated app icon and adding the new set of app icons (making 4 of them available on Mac too!) - Let us know how you like them!

Of course, there are some additional improvements, like the new day badge and fixes. You can read more about them down below! :point_down:

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To get started, you’ll need to update to the latest versions of the app from the App Store

‎Craft - Docs and Notes Editor
Available for iOS and MacOS

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XWhat’s New In This Version

  1. Equations

One of the most requested features is the Inline Equations, with which you can add your formula inside a text block either by transforming an existing text to an equation or using the $$ markdown shortcut.

We are eager to hear how you like this new component or if you miss any formula type! In both cases, please drop a line to

  1. Share Sheet Update

Share Sheet is a great way to add content to your documents quickly and easily. Until today, you could use it for text and links, but from now on, you can use it for images and other file types too! Besides the new attachment capability, we also updated how you can pick the document you would like to add the content to.

Hope you will love this updated Share Sheet just as much as we are! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  1. New icons

Please welcome the new app icon set on iOS and on Mac too!

On iPhone and iPad, just go to Preferences, and under Appearance, you will find the new icons.

  1. Day badge

In the past couple of weeks, we are working on a new visual component called Badges.

The first place where we are utilising this new component is for the day badges. Once you add e.g., /today, it will transform to this nice visual representation of the link for the Daily Note.

This is just the first step, we already have a few ideas, where we might use the badges next. :nerd_face:


From now on the day links looks much better :tada:

  1. Change Space quickly from Daily notes

Since the last release, Daily Notes are available in every Space, so we added a quick way to change the Space, but keep the selected date so you can add your notes to the correct place.

Wrong Space? Just click on the avatar of the Space and switch to the correct one!

  1. Fixes and improvements

We are also continuously improving the app in the background, two noteworthy changes in this update:

• Faster app start - up to 1-2 seconds quicker! :boom:

• Spotlight searches should open the correct document and not the last viewed one.


Is there a updated user guide somewhere?I am not sure how to keep up with all the features. I have a feeling there is stuff there I am not using.

The built-in documentation of the app itself seems lacking. However, the online support seems to be completely up-to-date. For example, when I searched for the new equation feature I was able to find good help. Below is the screenshot. I hope this is helpful.


At the bottom of each update are all of the previous updates as well. Each are grouped as a page.

Update log (scroll to the bottom to see previous release notes)

Meanwhile, I’d still love support for tables in Craft.


The developers said they are coming within months. :grinning:


I don’t need to get on Slack to get Craft support. I have you @Bmosbacker. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for posting the updates here!


We do what we can! :laughing:

To me it is the ONLY thing missing.

And tags, and aliasing, and transclusion, and E2EE, and block search, and footnotes, and…

Craft has a terrific foundation and remains a joy to use. But I’m really starting to feel the ceiling of its note making capabilities. I find myself eyeing Obsidian more and more (from where I come) and its feature set these days. (But its mobile app remains really, really rough and still no WYSIWYG - however if it did have both now in great shape, I’m not sure I would not switch again.)

I was struck by Obsidian and its capabilities, but in the end ended up using Craft. I need it for work and it was just too time consuming to tweak Obsidian. Instead of actually working, I was just playing with Obsidian all the time. Craft works right out of the box, looks good and has most of what I need. Once the developer added daily notes, I was on board and giving Craft’s development, I will get most of my “missing” features in time.

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I have bet on Craft developing spectacularly this year (took a subscription and committed to using it). I really like their vision, but I of course hope they will develop in the direction that I like, which is to combine Obsidian’s almost unparalleled Zettelkasten workflow to the ease and beauty of a native app. I came to really use transclusion, unlinked mentions, embedded queries and so on in Obsidian, but… it’s so clunky (even more on mobile) compared to Craft.
I have decided to commit to the app that was attracting me to use it, but I worry a little that the Craft team will consider the note taking workflow good enough as it is and not build upon it. We’ll see, of course.

Please, Please, please! Its something I never thought I “really” needed until I don’t have them.