Crashing MacBook Pro 2018

Whenever I leave my Mac running over night it becomes unstable and crashes the next day. Applications will stop responding, several apps won’t quit. Some won’t even force quit. When I try to reboot, the finder goes away but the system won’t actually reboot. It just hang with no menu bar or doc. I’ve waited 4 hours for the reboot in the past. At this point I have to hard boot the system.

I’ve been disabling and uninstalling applications over time hoping to find a culprit with no luck. This includes AVG, text expander, CCC, back blaze.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas for fixing other than a nuke and pave?

You don’t say if you’ve run any system utilities, like Disk Utility, or tried cleaning files with a utility like Onyx. You should.

If it happens overnight every time, and you’re running the latest version of macOS one thing you can try is rebooting into Safe Mode prior to going to bed (and keeping loaded all the files and apps you normally have), to see if the problem is due to any user-installed login items, system extensions, fonts etc

Once that answer narrows it down you can make a better decision.


Thanks everyone for the help and ideas. it looks like AVG was the culprit. once I scrapped that nasty off the box it seems to have stabilized.

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