Create a list from variables

I have created a workflow that gets several lines fromthe input, matches some text (vimeo URL), and saves the URLs into a variable. So far so good.

I would like to create a list or menu containing those URLs so I could select the one I want to watch.

Is this last step at all possible?

Pass the variable into choose from list action in Workflow.




That’s great, thanks. :+1:

Didn’t know that vars could be used as “lists”. That’s very useful actually!! :grinning:

Variables are one or more ‘things’ held together as a group. But the magic in Workflow is how the content graph engine coerces variable content in whatever an action can best make use of.

You can even get variables having things of different types as this Workflow workflow illustrates.


That’s a cool one. I understand the logic, just nothing that I’d have thought of myself :grinning: