Create a markdown document on iPhone, in arbitrary cloud folder

I got away from Evernote, and went to DevonThink, and now I’m getting away from DevonThink because I want to find a multi-platform solution – something I can use both on the Mac and the Chromebook.

The way I’m organizing documents is similar to how I did it in DevonThink. One folder per project. $HOME/Documents/2018/ProjectA $HOME/Documents/2018/ProjectB, and so forth.

Now let’s say I want to create a markdown document on my iPhone and drop it into the ProjectA folder. How can I do that? Seems like it should be easy but I haven’t found a way to make it work, without first creating the document in a markdown editor and then opening it in Files and moving it to where I want it to be.

Ideally I’d like to put it in a Google Drive folder that’s mirrored to my desktop but I’ll settle for doing it in iCloud.

Any help?

Are you trying to create an empty document and put that in the folder, or to write some text in markdown and save that text as a markdown document in the designated folder?

Roughly how many different folders are we talking about? (Same folder every time? A few? A few dozens? A few hundred?)

Hi, Chris!

Oho, I think that thinking through answers to your questions may have led me to a solution to the problem. And the solution’s name is “Ulysses.”

My thought processes below:

The latter. Write some text in markdown and save as a markdown document in the designated folder.

Also, I’ll want to be able to go in to arbitrary folders, open documents in a markdown editor and make changes from my iPhone or iPad.

There will be dozens or hundreds, but I’ll only work with one to three at any given time. The catch is that I don’t want to have to designate “live” folders in advance from my desktop. (Although I suppose I could – just designate one folder as “Current” and then move folders out of that folder when projects are done).

Basically I’m looking to reproduce the syncing functionality of Ulysses without being locked into iCloud and a proprietary file format.

And now it occurs to me that Ulysses supports Dropbox and if I can use Dropbox I can get documents from the Mac to a Chromebook.

Basically, the problem I’m trying to solve here is that if I have to drop my Macbook Pro in the shop for a week or more, I don’t want to have to buy a new Mac to continue working. I work from a home office and can’t count on having a spare Mac lying around. OTOH, I can buy a Chromebook for $400.

I think you can stick with Ulysses. Add an external folder or folders on your Dropbox, set Ulysses to use standard flavored Markdown, and open using your editor of choice on the Chromebook.


Ulysses is great. I use it.

IA Writer also is great, and can also use Dropbox.

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