Curio 15 Released

Zengobi released the new version of Curio – v15 – today:

New features include custom metadata attached to figures, broader support of markdown, improved presentation mode, and others.

With v15, Zengobi is moving to a more frequent release pattern of several annual releases of “major new features”, rather than a big annual release.

I’ve used Curio for a very long time, and have always found its “freeform notebook” to be excellent for many different jobs. Mac only.


If you use it a lot, may I ask (generally speaking) how well it compares to OneNote? I always like that “free form” page format in ON, and I tried Curio, but I struggled to find a real use case for it, I guess.

OneNote is optimized for 1983, in my opinion.

Anyway, Curio has far more features than OneNote. Obviously, whichever one you use is going to depend on the use you put it too. I don’t mean that circularly. But, if someone needs to build out a notebook with images, text, links, tags, annotations, notes, etc, then Curio is a good choice. If you don’t do that much, or prefer to do that kind of sketchnote on paper or in GoodNotes, for example, then Curio is overkill.

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Thanks - that was what I was aiming at. Will definitely give it a second look, because I really liked OneNote in… okay, 2003 :sweat_smile:

(Thanks for the great laugh! :laughing:)

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