Curio for Thinking and Knowledge Management

Curio and Tinderbox are such different beasts - I have and trouble trying to understand both.

Tinderbox is like a knife, fork and magnifying glass for data. If you need to slice, dice and analyze data and metadata (automatically), it is the tool to use. The recent videos and meetups are an excellent way to try and understand the beast.

Curio looks much better.If I want notes wth lots of graphics, in a field of interlinked whiteboard spaces. Curio fits the billl. There is an aspect of Curio that I know I am not understanding - a whole layer of metadata. I like JohnAtl’s “Data Place”. I have seen some interesting uses of Curio as a tool for visual representation of data - like a dashboard of relevant data. I would love to see some more examples.

There will be overlap in functionality - shapes , lines boxes. I would love to see a marriage in functionality - something like Tinderbox agents being able to visually affect figures based on metadata, or persistent automatic searches.


@DrJJWMac 's post here might be helpful too.