Current status of ScanSnap S500M and Mojave?

Just wondering if anyone has any further updates or solutions?

I am now on Mojave on my main MBAir. At home I have an ix500, so updating to the new ScanSnap Home software is doable (although most of the comments I have read have not been entirely favorable about the software), but at work I still have an S500M. Although a bit long in the tooth it still works adequately and I would like to NOT have to replace it at this point.

Unfortunately, the MBAir is a new machine that arrived with Mojave installed, and I don’t have the older ScanSnap software on it (even though I understand it will continue to work, at least through Mojave) and it seems that software is no longer downloadable from Fujitsu.

As a result I am without scanning capability at this point.

I was wondering: has anyone worked out a resolution to using the S500M under Mojave as a new install as of yet? I read here about VueScan. That would cost $89 right now (it seems to be on sale for $10 off). A new ix5000 (I think that’s the new model) would cost around $370 (I think there’s a $50 rebate going on now, now sure if it’s still valid) which is of course way more expensive, but since I also use the built-in OCR in the ScanSnap software, which I don’t think VueScan provides, there is that advantage as well.


For some reason, I might be the only person not having problems with Mojave and ScanSnap (S1500M). I have upgraded multiple computers to Mojave and they are all working as before.

On my main machine, I am using Version 3.2 L31.

I also have DMG’s for:

  • MacScanSnapV63L70UpWW
  • MacScanSnapV63L61UpWW
  • MacS1500ManagerV32L80WW
  • MacS1300iManagerV63L50WW1

If you would like any of these, I can setup a Dropbox link.

I would be very interested in the software for the S1500M. Everything is working so far, but. . .

Below is a Fujitsu link providing downloads for ScanSnap Manager V6.3L50 and updates V6.3L60 and V6.3L70. (You can ignore the information about incompatibilities between ScanSnap Manager and macOS High Sierra - those incompatibilities have been fixed with SSM and macOS updates.)

You should first download and install SSM V6.3L50, then download/install the updates L60 and L70 in order. It’s OK to skip the language packs if you don’t need them.
This software is known to work with multiple models of ScanSnap scanners; hopefully it will work with your S500M. I am currently using this software (V6.3L70) for my ScanSnap S1500M with my iMac running Mojave, although the “officially designated” software for the S1500M is V3.2.

Be advised that ScanSnap Manager software is 32-bit software. Apple has stated that future versions of macOS will not support 32-bit software. If you want to continue using your S500M with ScanSnap Manager, you will need to avoid upgrading macOS beyond the current Mojave (10.14) or use other software such as VueScan or ExactScan (


Here is the Dropbox link for anyone who might be looking for older versions.


Thank you to everyone who has responded and those providing links to software. Very much appreciated!

I am considering downloading a trial version of VueScan to test it out; it claims to be a 64 bit app, and if it meets my needs, may well be the best overall solution. Then I don’t need to be readdressing this issue in a year when the next version of MacOS eliminates all 32 bit support.

Otherwise, I will take advantage of the provided links and install the previous ScanSnap software.

What really bugs me with this is that while the ScanSnap software is not perfect, it has been more than adequate for my needs and gets the job done, and it’s disappointing that Fujitsu seems to have taken a step backward in both product support and features.

I cannot really get too heavily into criticizing them for not continuing to support the S500M. Obviously at some point any vendor will make a decision that older hardware has reached the point of being obsolete, just as Apple does not support Mojave on Macs beyond a certain age. That being said, as in any circumstance, my purchases are governed by what products meet my need, and I am unhappy about a perfectly good scanner being obsoleted, especially since most comments on the new ScanSnap Home software have trended towards negative, so purchasing th new ix5000 with the new software may still be a step backward.

I’ll post something after I have looked at VueScan with some impressions.

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Hi Nick, could you please repost that Dropbox link with the ScanSnap installs, the links is broken now. I have a S500M and all my Macs are upgraded and the version I have crashes immediately upon opening. I have and older version than the one Arthur mentioned is working for him. Thanks so much!
From the Crash report:

Version: (1079)
Build Info: ScanSnap Manager-1079~1079
Code Type: X86 (Native)
Parent Process: ??? [1]
Responsible: ScanSnap Manager [7648]
User ID: 502

Date/Time: 2019-03-29 19:15:52.077 -0400
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.14.2 (18C54)

Your post was super helpful! I updated the software for our S1500 on Mojave last week.

@Arthur - this has been so helpful since I updated the ScanSnap software. Thank you again for posting.

Have you had any luck seeing if there were new updates (for the S1500)? I’ve tried to run the “Online Update…” option under Help, but receive this message: image