Custom domain names with iCloud+

I upgraded to iCloud+ and one of the features is the use of custom domain names for iCloud email.

I am trying to understand a good use case for this. My domain email is managed by google. Is there any advantage of using iCloud mapping for it?

It’s beneficial if you’re deep in the Apple ecosystem, but for other users who already have a custom domain name using a different service, it’s probably not worth it.

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I used iCloud+ with a custom domain for my 1-person business for a few months and would not recommend it.

Some issues I ran into:

  • Only Apple Mail can properly send emails with your custom domain as a sender. Every other email client will somehow show your address as a sender or sometimes as the reply-to address.
  • There we’re constant issues with calendar invites. Sometimes people didn’t get my responses, sometimes I wouldn’t get updates. I missed at least one client meeting because of this.

I switched to Google Workspace after this experience, which has fixed both of the issues. I think iCloud+ is really only for personal stuff where things like calendar invites don’t matter that much.


Thanks, this is useful to know