Customizing avatar?

Hi there. Just checking out the new digs.

Is there any way to add information to my account? Photo? Details of my long Mac-loving life? Etc.

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If you tap on the circular icon in the top left right you should see your username on the left hand side of the menu that appears. The options are in there :slight_smile:

Edit: if you click on the settings cog at the top right of the menu you land straight in the right area. Whoops! :laughing:

Edit 2: Left vs right, thanks @maeganwilson!

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Hey Rose,

It looks like Gravatar integration isn’t working. It does notice that my email is associated with a Gravatar account, but it’s not pulling the image so there’s a blank profile pic.

I’m seeing this as well. I was also having issues directly uploading the avatar, so I went the gravatar route. It is still an issue where it’s not populating.

I suspect the Gravatar issue might be because the forums are currently under quite a load - they may be slowing down how quickly we can pull them. I’ll look into this!

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Thanks Rose! I figured overload might be part of the issue. I just figured I would tack on that I was seeing it as well.


Could this possibly be on mobile? I’m on desktop and that icon is on the right.

Happens to me on both

I was typing very fast and apparently can’t tell my right from the left! :woman_facepalming:
Good spot!

There’s also some errors to just upload a photo to the site. Looking at the console, I saw these:

Just kidding.

I tried uploading a screenshot here (on Safari on iMac) and it is also getting stuck without uploading.

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One more update: I can’t even save that profile box after trying to use just the S default icon. :confused: I’ll try again later.

Images uploaded are limited in size, it’s possible the server is struggling right now because of the load - we’re monitoring it closely though!

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I am also having trouble with uploading photo. I figured probably due to the overload on the forums as well.
The box is just greyed and uploading at 100% for the last several minutes.
Also, can’t save either, or if I try another option, nothing happens. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thanks for the tip! We’re poking around in the back but it looks like there’s just a lot going on at once right now :slight_smile:

Can`t upload a foto either …

Curious if the issue is picture size/file size or was it just the servers had issues?

This is probably related to the avatar issue but I cannot upload a screenshot in a post. I have reduced the photo to 900 × 675 / 819,129 but it will not upload after multiple efforts. I’ve reloaded the page, closed/re-opened Safari but the problem remains. I suspect this is a “startup” issue with the forum but wanted to alert you. Like the others, I can’t change my profile picture either.

This should now be resolved. The server was struggling yesterday - so we upgraded it and things are running much more smoothly :slight_smile:


Yes, it is working perfectly! This platform is awesome!

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