Daily Carry Work Bag

For my everyday bag I use the Tom Bihn Ristretto. It’s a vertical messenger bag. Fits my MBP, some full size folders, my iPad and A5 notebook. The front pouch is perfect for a few cables and power supply, plus pockets for the other essentials. I picked it to be small, to keep me from lugging too much between home and work, or on short business trips. When I travel for more than a couple days I use a bigger bag. I’ve had it for two and half years and it still “Sparks” joy every day.

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I’m a leather guy too, but I have found leather bags to be too heavy.

So I’m not a leather guy. :slight_smile:

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I bought a custom Timbuk2 XL messenger bag in 2003 for my 17" MacBook Pro. I used it for years, and gave it to my youngest when he was in high school. He wound up breaking the adjustment system in 2015. Tibuk2 not only fixed it under warranty, they upgraded the bag to the new system, which required taking the bag partially apart and adding the new parts. It doesn’t get as much use, any more, but it’s still holding up great after being abused by my son for 5 years after going everywhere with me for about 10 years before that. I kinda wish that my Timbuk2 2012 Backpack would die so I could upgrade, but it keeps trucking along.

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Hi. I’m curious to hear why you don’t think it’s a good laptop bag?

I’ve got a Saddleback Leather bag. https://saddlebackleather.com/leather-briefcase-slim

Expensive and indestructible. A bit heavy, I guess but I really like it. I’ve had it for about a decade now.

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Hi. I’m curious to hear why you don’t think it’s a good laptop bag?

I personally think a 20-24ml backpack is too big for a laptop bag. It holds my laptop well, but it’s too big to bring to an office every day.

I’m thinking about it Primarily as a travel bag.

I use the eBags Slim Professional for my EDC and love it. When my wife started making threats that I have more bags than she does and I had to slow down my purchases…Thankfully I had just bought this bag and this bag is great. Lots of storage space and it may be too big for some. As a 6’0" 220 lbs guy this bag is great for me and all my gear.

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I purchased and returned SIX messenger bags before I found RickShaw.
The Commuter Bag I have is no longer sold, but there is an updated version. I’ve carried mine every day for nearly 7 years and it still looks new.

It’s necessarily bad it just feels like the system of mesh pouches and closed pockets that accompany the laptop section is not as well designed at it could be. Frankly, it’s probably user error.

Thanks everyone for the great and thoughtful feedback. In appreciate all the thoughts and recommendations. I will be looking these over and will definitely factor into my decision.

When I saw this post for the first time I clicked on it thinking I would order the Nomadic. Never heard of Waterfield. Did some research based on the recommendations from you guys and just pulled the trigger on a Bolt backpack in black with chocolate leather. Thanks all!


I’ve noticed that the size and weight of devices I carry today are far different from what I carried ten years ago. I’ve changed bags frequently because of this. You may want to start from a point of what things you’re wanting to carry, and rethink how you’d like to have them stored for easy access.

I second the vote for Tom Bihn, but also for Gary Waterfield at sfbags.com. I have several different items from each, and they all have lasted through quite a bit of daily wear-and-tear.

For the most part, I use a backpack. My current backpack is The North Face Overhaul 40. It took me awhile to get used to how it feels to carry it. It holds my MacBook Pro, iPad and digital camera in a Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 20 along with their various accessories as well as a jacket/sweatshirt.

Since my use case has changed the past few months and I don’t carry as much, I dug my Maxpedition Operator Attache out of the closet and strapped a Mirrorless Mover 10 to it. It’s a tough bag that’s definitely easier to carry than the backpack. It’s made me appreciate attachment straps, e.g. tacties or MOLLE straps.

+1 for Timbuk2 I have three different messenger styles in different sizes. They last for freaking EVER and my 10 year old bag still looks new.

I’ve used the Everiki Studio backpack for months as an EDC and for travel. It’s been awesome and looks professional too.

Thanks. Saddleback bags are beautiful though I am not sure about maintenance.

Do you prefer the backpack over the messenger bag for your daily carry? (Or when do you use backpack vs bag?

I definitely do. It balances the weight much better and I prefer avoiding the backache that happens when I wear a messenger bag.