David's Keyboard Maestro Webinar - Conflict Palettes

Did anyone else catch @MacSparky 's excellent webinar this week?

I am struggling with one thing… why would you use a conflict palette over a “show palette macro” as David teaches on his KM Field Guide with say Setups?

Is there an advantage using one over the other?

A conflict palette gives you the option to trigger the macro from the keyboard.

It will f.e. show something like this (from the KM manual)


Typing the letter D would trigger the “Dropbox” link macro in this example.

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I use this all the time - particularly as I run out of mnemonic keystrokes.

Yes, but if I run a keyboard trigger it will list all the macros in a folder like this:


How is that any different?!

did you set this group to be only active when triggered, and set the letters as the triggers for the individual macros?

A conflict palette generate the shortcuts automatically and dynamically. That’s why I use it.


Is this webinar still available online somewhere? Youtube maybe? I am more knowledgeable about KB now and would benefit from watching it again.


It has been made available as a separate entry in the (paid) Keyboard Maestro Field Guide.

As far as I know, the webinar is not published elsewhere.
(and since the webinar I am an active user of these conflict palettes)