Day One and Craft? Vacation Info + Journal

hey MPU,

For the past year, I have been heavily using Craft, mainly for tracking or creating event dashboards.

Example: Home Construction - I have cards of…

  1. Why Remodel - reasons and all that
  2. What are we doing - multiple notes organized by room
  3. Current Progress - multiple notes organized by room
  4. Plans - architectural plans
  5. Budget - overall budget, simplified budget, and a room cost
  6. Materials
  7. Vendors

Example: Event Dashboard - I have cards of…

  1. Schedule
  2. Transportation and Directions
  3. Discussion Questions
  4. Maps
  5. Post-Event Feedback

Fast-forward to current, we are planning on a family vacation…so again, I call upon Craft to help with the organization. I ended up creating a Dashboard for my wife and I to share. It consists of 6 cards on the main page for quick reference.

  1. The Daily (our schedule - 1 note per day of what we intend to do
  2. Accommodations (includes hotel info, address, wifi, etc)
  3. Flight and Car Rental Info
  4. Things To Do (list of recommend places given by friends and family)
  5. Eats (all the different restaurants we want to try)
  6. Grocery and Retail (if we need anything, a quick list of what’s near us)

As the vacation starts, I want to begin journaling our family vacation…but then I primarily use Day One to journal for everything. Has anyone come across a nice way to bridge Day One and Craft together? I feel like I am going to do lots of copying and pasting.

Example - Monday has a breakdown of places to visit and places to try for food. I included Yelp links in my Craft for each location I am going to.

  1. Copy all that Craft into a Day One Journal?
  2. Write all my thoughts into Craft but now I have 2 journals to monitor.

For the record, I know this sounds silly, and sounds like a ‘first world’ problem. But nonetheless, when you’re planning and organizing, you don’t want to be stuck with multiple things when you get back. You just want to enjoy and read over, document, share, and plan for the next trip.

So Workflow thoughts?!

Beautifully said, thank you so much!
I needed to hear that separation.

Craft - Reference Guide
Day One - Journal

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[Craft’s developers] basically ported the web app to the desktop and from the desktop to the iPhone

I partly agree with your views about Craft on the iPhone, but what you said about the reasons why is plain wrong. Craft was developed from scratch as a Catalyst app, on iPhone, iPad and Mac. They’ve not only described how they developed the product (e.g. building their own editor and not using the OS ones) but documented how to use Catalyst in a guide which has been extraordinarily useful to other developers and is widely acknowledged.

The web app came much later and windows (based more on the web app) after that.

In my view, Craft has drifted from its original vision and even from its development approach (it now appears to be “web first” with Apple devices waiting very long times to catch up, if ever) and that’s frustrating but if we want developers to be good citizens in the Apple ecosystem we have to give credit where its due and Craft fully deserved their Apple award.


Although many users do their journaling in Craft, not Day One.

Just as many journal in Obsidian, Notion, or some other app
using the “daily page” feature.