Day One for Mac

Are any of you using Day One on the Mac? I’d like to hear your thoughts-good or bad.

I tried installing it on Sierra, but 10.13 is the oldest OS supported. I saw no benefit to installing Mojave, so I’ve stayed with Sierra, (no regrets).

If Catalina isn’t buggy ( I’m not holding my breath though), I may upgrade after it’s been out a while and will be able to run Day One later this year. Until then, I’ll just have to use it on my iPad.

I write longform journal entries on Day One on my Mac, mainly for the keyboard and screen space. Works fine. Most of my in-the-minute journaling (food journal, notes) is done on my phone.

It’s text. :man_shrugging: I occasionally but rarely attach a pic to my longform notes but were it not for the social, storage and cross-platform features of the app I could easily be writing in BBEdit or Ulysses, where I could choose any font I’d like. That’s my main bugbear about Day One (and many other apps): the limited font choice.

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OK, I could Google this question but I’m lazy: What are the social features of Day One?

Two things keep me in Day One: One is that I’ve been using it for years. The other is that a main use for me is as a kind of FourSquare-for-one – I use it to check in to locations. I haven’t found an alternative to Day One for that. Suppose I could use Swarm but why give that information to someone else?

Yes, you are lazy. :smile:

I import all my tweets and Instagram posts, and if I were on Facebook it could suck up my activity there too.

Oh, right. My tweets and Facebook posts are ephemeral - nothing I want to import to Day One. And I don’t do the gram.


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It’s a lot more than that, actually. So don’t be lazy, especially since you use the app…


Do you literally import your tweets, or paste them into Day One?

Why not use ForSquare for checking in?

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I’m concerned about privacy.

What’s more risky, using an app, or telling everyone in the world that you’ve just sat down at a restaurant ( and other places you frequent)?

You’re concerned about privacy, but you “check in” and tell everyone in the world where you are, with FourSquare.

@Wolfie is correct. I do not use FourSquare because I am concerned about privacy.

Day One is one of my most used apps. I use it to keep a log of what I am planning to do and what I do do. I am more productive when I am actively managing my time.

I have different “journals” for different things (about five). One is a basic time log. One is more reflective thoughts. One is for planning and goals.

I find it basically works the way I expect.

  • I like using Markdown.
  • It is easy to share things to it.
  • Sync works good, and the interface is consistent on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
    It is easy to make changes and updates.

I find it easy to attach photos and like the way that I can scan through the entries and see a thumbnail image.


Isn’t the purpose of “checking in” is to tell people that you’re in a certain establishment (restaurant, bar, store, etc)?

Maybe he just wants a record for himself :man_shrugging: :smiley: