Daybridge iOS App

I received my invite code and created an account. Is anyone else testing this app? Am I missing something that differentiates this from Fantastical, or improves on it in any respect?

Never heard of this, but interested to to give it a try.

However, they require a Twitter account?

The link that explains what they do with that (their privacy policy) does not work…

What’s your experience regarding this?

I did not need to share a twitter account. Hmmm.

How are you finding the feature that doesn’t show you work events when you’re not working? Does it do something other than what a Fantastical calendar set would do?

This alternative link does seem to work. This is what they use your Twitter account for:

When you sign up to use Daybridge, we’ll connect to your social media profile (for example, Twitter) to collect your name, email address, phone number, country of residence, profile picture, and social media handle to set up your account. We collect this information to make it easier for you to open your account, and so that we can meet our obligations under the contract we enter with you to use Daybridge.

I have signed up with a Fastmail Masked Email address and will see what happens next.

How long did you have to wait before receiving an invite?

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So long ago that I don’t recall when I signed up. But their onboarding appears to be full speed now.

That sounds a bit circular. “We have this obligation that we made, and it includes getting your phone number, so we need your phone number.”

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From their Website, I am not able to figure out, what might be the possible advantages, to use Daylight, instead of e.g. Fantastical?

I’ve created an account and am also a bit mystified as to how this differentiates/improves on other third party calendar apps - like Fantastical.

Also, it appears to lack a month view. I realise that not everyone makes regular use of month view, but if you need it even occasionally, then Daybridge can’t be used as your only calendar app.

EDIT: Did not receive my invite today. They are in public beta now.

Might experiment a bit tonight, but it won’t be very useful I think:

Use your current Google calendars alongside your new Daybridge calendar. We’ll add support for other services in the future.

(I use Fastmail)