Dead Wemo. Move to Lutron?

One of our Wemo light switches works but refuses to connect to the app. It’s in an awkward location so remote control is essential. This is an older switch and not homekit compatible.

We are considering Lutron instead and I’ll be happy to use Homekit. Lutron seems to be growing its ecosystem and have broad compatibility. I see that Lutron needs a hub, which I was hoping to avoid. On reflection maybe it’s better to have a hub than multiple wifi devices.

Any other recommendations? Based in USA.

I replaced most of the “dumb” switches in our home with Lutron Casetta switches about four years ago and they have been rock solid. The great thing is, the Casetta switches still work like normal ones even when the internet is down.

We’re doing some minor remodel in our main living areas and I’m excited to install Lutron’s Serena shades in many of the windows.

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Never had one bad Lutron switch

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Thanks for the replies! We are still interested in changing the Wemos to Lutron, but I did get the dead one working again.

Advice on Wemo was to delete and reinstall the app. We started with Wemo before they had accounts. I had stepped up to an account, which meant all the device info was stored and survived the app removal and reinstall. But we discovered that Wemo only allows one user account, so other household members need my account details to run the Wemos.

How do mutliple homeowners get to manage the Lutron installation?

We found there’s a Lutron starter pack with a hub and two original non-dimmer switches and pico remotes. The lights we are controlling are outdoors and need non-dimmer switches. This starter pack is not available in stores and has to be ordered online. Lutron has since introduced Caseta Claro (non dimmer) and Caseta Diva (dimmer) which look more like regular light switches and less buttony but don’t have a starter pack. We are ok using the buttony original switches for the outdoor lights. The newer style switches would be less confusing for guests.

Lutron is awesome. It has a hub, which is good because it’s reliable. The Caseta system has only failed me once, and it was after power went out for a couple hours and there were issues getting internet and wifi back up, so it wasn’t the Caseya’s fault.

Multiple people can manage Caseta via the Home app. It’s a non issue. One person manages the tech and the Lutron app, though.

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Multiple people can have the App on their device (iPhone, iPad, etc) but they log into a single account that the system is based off of. Think of it like Family Sharing… one person sets it up and the rest have access!

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+1 on Lutron. Unbelievably reliable. To the point I never think of them - like a normal switch.

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I have both Wemo and Lutron. Lutron where I can, and Wemo where I cannot (lamps not controlled by switches, mainly). Lutron wins because the switches allow control without an iPhone and because they are super-reliable. Some of my Wemo switches are flaky (others are rock-solid).

For both Wemo and Lutron, one person in the household sets up the devices (“manages” them).

Anyone who has access to your “Home” can use the Home app to control both Wemo and Lutron. I find the Home app is easier for people to understand, and they only have to learn one app. My non-techie 97-year-old father delights in using his phone to turn my lights on and off when he visits me.

That’s the beauty of using HomeKit devices. Skip the apps from the manufacturers and use the Home app for direct access and Shortcuts for automation.

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Bridge devices (Lutron, Hue) do not add load on your WiFi and you will notice a huge difference if you are just using the basic WiFi modem/router from ISP. If you have a powerful WiFi setup at home that can handle many devices out you do not have too many devices on WiFi then there will be little difference from WiFi load perspective.

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Technically it’s a Bridge that traverses WAN/LAN. Once you setup up a Lutron Caseta system you can unplug the Bridge and the system will still function just fine internally save for no remote access and time based events (which the Bridge manages) as well as scene creation.

I use all three of those on the regular, so the Bridge has never felt optional to me.

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