Dealing with OS updates on constrained iPad

I’ve got a new 32GB iPad 8th generation.

My photo library is taking up so much space I can’t run software update. I do have “ manage photo library” turned on. I could delete FANTASIAN, but it would be nice if photos wasn’t taking up ¼ of the ssd.

I assume you have a lot of photos.

In my iCloud Photo Library, I have 25,000 photos (120GB library) and this usually takes up around 5-6GB of my storage. This is all of the thumbnail jpgs to allow you to browse your library. There’s no way to make it smaller really.

Yeah, iCloud Photo Library really needs a setting where you tell it how much disk space it is allowed to use.

Same goes for the Mac version, tbh.

It ought to be possible for it to use very little diskspace, but Apple doesn’t give us any controls.

I think that the problem here is that it would be very inelegant and slow.

E.g. in my situation, if I set a limit of 3gb, half of my library wouldn’t have thumbnails, so if I wanted to scroll through my library, to view a thumbnail, Photos would need to download the original and create a thumbnail before I could view it.

I suppose it could store the thumbnails in the cloud, but even then it would need downloading to view. I think that some companies make assumptions that fast Internet access is always available, and Apple have made that assumption in the past, but a slow internet connection makes the usage experience worse, especially in large libraries.

I think that Apple have it right.

Have you turned on Optomise iPad Storage" under Photos in Settings?