Dealing with the Silverado Fire


Thanks for all the kind wishes this week. I’m still under mandatory evacuation but hoping that ends later today. If you’d like the whole story, here you go.


Living part of the time in Australia and knowing what bush fire season looks like, I profoundly sympathize. I’m glad you’re safe, and all my deepest wishes to you and your family. Take good care.

Be safe. Keep an eye out for the elderly who might need help.

There are also a lot of forest fires where I live (Spain) and some of my best friends recently lost their house to one in Mallorca. Glad you avoided any damage.

I hope you and your family stay safe and out of harms way.

Stay safe David. Even apart from the fire risk, breathing that air has to be a struggle and frustrating.

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Stay safe and take care!

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Crazy to hear about the fires. Please stay safe.

Stay safe, Sparky!!!

Glad you and your family are safe. Please keep us updated. Take care.

Stay safe! I will be thinking of you and your family.

Stay safe, hope all goes well!

Stay safe. Growing up the first experience with a large forest fire was 1988 in the Black Hills. It was overshadowed by the fires in Yellowstone. The worst of it, dad was out of town on meetings. Mother and me were at home. A friend called and offered us a place to stay if we needed evacuate. We were fine.

8 years later I signed up to fight fires. I was a firefighter for years. Almost considered making it a paid career.

Anyway, please stay safe. Houses and things can be replaced. Lives cannot. Hoping for a good outcome for all that are in the path.

I have a friend whose daughter is at UC Santa Cruz. CZU fire got pretty close to the campus this year. While I don’t know how it feels like to be in your shoes - being in the (relatively) safe UK - I can appreciate the “touch and go” nature of where the fire spreads to.

So, I wish you well, and if circumstances force you “off air” I’m sure your audiences will understand. Just somehow let us know before too long - if you can.

Fingers crossed or - as the South Africans say - holding thumbs.