Dear Apple - Suggestions

In hopes that someone from Apple might read this thread and be open to suggestions.

Please allow calendar apps (e.g. Fantastical) to place the date on their iOS app icon.
The workaround of badging the icon always incites panic in the early days of the month, and is not very ergonomic on any day of the month.


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please please please allow usb-c access to external storage in iOS files app natively.


While interesting to compare our wish lists of feature suggestions, keep in mind the proper channel to make product and feature requests to Apple is through their feedback page:


Already posted to Apple.
Please allow us to share the ETA while using maps like other navigation aps do.

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Please Apple, add SECONDS to all digital watch faces. Right now it’s madness.

Please change the keyboard language either by recognizing the usual preference or by contact.

On iOS please add option to press and hold to close all open Apps just like we can with Safari browser windows.

Never ever push a Mac OS Upgrade to our Mac again. I hate what you did with Mojave.

Please add bicycle navigation to Apple Maps and travel time estimations. Bicycles improve both health and environment and should have a higher priority at Apple.

This is a fun topic!

Dear Apple,

Please give us SMB/CIFS support and direct external USB-C storage support in the iOS Files app. You have provided us with really powerful hardware in the new iPad Pros but we need ways of getting large amounts of data to and from that hardware. Cloud services don’t cut it for every case, especially for sensitive data or very large datasets.

Also, please put the (or another) FaceTime camera on the right side of the iPad Pros: Video conferencing when in laptop mode (nearly 100% of my use, and the vast majority of others’ as well, from what I’ve seen) would be so much better that way!

Ahhhh… That felt good :slight_smile:

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Apple Maps has improved greatly over the years, but there’s one item I wish for. When departing my neighborhood, going west, the absolute shortest distance also takes me through four traffic lights, three of which are almost always red when I reach them. Using a slightly different route I eliminate the three problem lights and save at least five minutes. Since I always go the fastest way rather than the shortest, shouldn’t I be able to impose my local knowledge onto Maps’ AI? This is just one of my several examples of Maps not learning.

I know this is a low-level issue. The app recalibrates at some point during my excursion, so it’s no big deal. I thought Artificial Intelligence was capable of learning by experience.


I believe you can do that through Siri Shortcut. I know not from the Maps app directly, but it’s achievable.

I believe after some time the app will catch that and give you this as the route. How long have you been going their route?

I’ve been using Apple Maps for years. Because I know better, I never go the way Maps suggests. If AI is so grand, why can’t it figure out the route I always take?

I only use the GPS function when I’m traveling significant distances, at least once each month, so I always have time and distance to destination. The car provides average speed, fuel consumption, and miles left in the gas tank. Once an airline captain, always an airline captain. :woman_pilot: