December 2018 Software Deals thread

Synium Software is taking 50% off all its Mac and iOS apps. So, Logoist, (Mac ) Family Tree, Screenium, and others.

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Flume Pro is currently free using the discount code THANKS-FLUME


Nice catch. FYI if you aren’t aware, is a free Instagram app for the Mac, and the above coupon code upgrades the app to Pro, allowing one to upload images to Instagram from the Mac!

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Via StackSocial: One of the top screenwriting apps, the web-based WriterDuet, dropped its one-year subscription from $89.00 to $39.99 (Amazon sells it for $79.99).

But the better deal is a lifetime subscription for $99.99, down from $239. (Plus save another $5 with coupon code JINGLES).

WriterDuet probably does the best implementation of the screenplay format for real-time collaboration, and there’s even a Chrome extension built to work with the service. It has some really nice features, like infinite revision history - you can automatically go back in time to any prior moment of the script in WriterDuet, see old versions of a line, retroactively turn on revision tracking or locked pages, etc.

Note: this is an app specifically designed for the unique formatting requirements for a screenplay - it’s not really a word or text processor.

Command-Tab Plus (a keyboard-centric application switcher) is 70% off until December 27th with the coupon-code embedded in the FastSpring link below.

MacPaw 30% off all apps

UPDATE: Instead use coupon code NEWYEAR2019 at checkout to pay just $81 for the lifetime subscription, or $33 for the one-year subscription.

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Smile and other MacOS apps, 25% off until January 14, 2018.

Use code WINTERFEST2018