Dedicated music to-do app

Does anyone know of an app for iOS that lets you “cross-off” the music in your music library that you have yet to listen to dedicatedly? I hope that makes sense…

I use iTunes Match exclusively and I have about 800 albums, mostly classical music, but also jazz and many other genres.

But sometimes I have just bought music without really diving into it, which is necessary with classical music and opera, to listen to it multiple times in order to grasp it.

So I have a lot of music that have never been played. So I’m looking for a way to categorise that without cluttering Things up…

I hope this all makes sense…

Don’t know of anything on iOS that does that. I do have a Smart Playlist on iTunes/Mac that can do that, taking a song out of the playlist after it’s been played a certain number of times, or has been played recently, etc


I used to have one as well, but I’m Mac-less now :blush:

I don’t have a great answer to your question, but I’ll outline some thoughts that may be helpful (hopefully, not unhelpful!)

One of the main reasons I want a more powerful Music app on iOS is for things like this. I have smart playlists on iTunes on the Mac for things like this. For example, I have a “current” playlists for all the classical music I’m working on studying. I have other smart playlists based on tags I’ve set up, but again, all on the Mac. I think with smart playlists, you could accomplish this goal w/o another app. This does not solve your problem on iOS, I understand.

To address your specific question, I don’t use a dedicated app but instead put all of these in OmniFocus. I started using Discogs, which is a website and has dedicated app, but I don’t think you can use it as a to-do list, like you want. (On the Discogs website, you could create a “to-do folder” but that does not seem to get you what you want, and the folders are not even accessible as far as I can tell on the iPhone app.)

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I had not seen this, but based on you being Mac-less, my ideas are probably unhelpful.

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