"Deep Work" - Kindle version - $3 today only

The Kindle version of Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport, a book @MacSparky has mentioned many times, is on sale for $3 today (2021-11-12).


and the curse of regional price and device locking strikes again…

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Thanks for the notice.

Also, the companion Audible narration (Jeff Bottoms) for Deep Work is 56% off – now $12.99 – if you buy the Kindle version.

I liked the premise of the book, but felt that the Author could have got the point across in about 20% of the words. Very long winded.


This is a great book and $3 is a steal!

Two thumbs up on this one. @geoffaire I feel that is true for almost all “productivity” books. It should be illegal to make them more than 80 pages. (Says the guy who makes 8-hour video courses)



I enjoyed the book but also understand what you mean. Personally I wouldn’t want it cut down as I found it very thorough but I think to a lot of people I know it was a bit too long.

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Thanks @tjluoma! I’ve had the audio for a while, but am happy to get the Kindle edition so I can do a second pass for deeper digestion into Craft and Readwise,

As David said, most of these books suffer from page inflation.

I was listening to the 12 Week Year and the first ⅓ to ½ of the book could have been cut, IMO. I finally just looked at the chapter titles and skipped ahead to the “here’s how you do this” section.

Someone (I wish I remembered who) said that the best thing to do is find the original blog post or conference talk where they presented their original idea in a more succinct way. A 20-minute TED Talk or a 2-page blog post turns into a 200 page book.

I haven’t read the Bullet Journal book, but I think the original video I saw was 5-10 minutes at most. Now it’s a full business.


Yeah, that sucks. I think all of these things should be equally available across the Internet … but no one has put me in charge yet.

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