Delay in laptop display becoming active after unplugging 16” MBP from external display

For anyone else using external displays with the 16” MBP, is there any delay on your end when you unplug the monitor(s) with the laptop’s display coming back up?

I have two external monitors connected to a CalDigit TS3+ dock connected with a single cable to one of the Thunderbolt ports on my laptop. Laptop stays open on a stand. I used the same setup with my 2016 MBP and when I disconnected from the old machine the laptop’s display would go black and then immediately come back up. It was nearly instantaneous. With the new 16” laptop though there is a much longer delay, generally 8-10 seconds, when I unplug the Thunderbolt cable.

Just trying to figure out if this is a usual behavior with these new machines and just something quirky with the graphics switching or if it’s a problem on my end.