Delete erroneous burnt calories entry on Apple Watch, how?

I had turned off notifications from the activity app on the Apple Watch last week and then I turned it on again on Wednesday.

As a result I received a notification on the watch saying that I had burnt some 7000 calories on Tuesday and some 9000 calories on Wednesday…

Of course that’s not true, as I would be dead…

The notifications have since been correct. But how do I delete those false Coalport entries?

I got a price from the Apple Watch for getting to 9000 calories and it’s now the new bar that I have to bear if I want a new price…


I know in the Apple Health app > Workouts > Show All Data you can find incorrect workouts and delete them. In Workouts you used to be able to Add Data Point which included distance, type start/stop and calories, but I don’t know if that’s still possible (I’ve removed 3rd party apps that write that data and don’t own an Apple Watch, so I have no data saved of that kind now)

EDIT: Someone figured out how to hack their rings with this (you apparently can add calories but you can’t change your Steps).

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