Deleting Tags in Apple Reminders

Hi all.
I’ve got a couple of tags in Apple Reminders that I want to delete, but there seems no way to do this.

I have no Reminders currently - all deleted including all completed ones. But these two tags are showing in the Tags pane.

To test, I created a test reminder with a new tag. As soon as I deleted this test, the new tag disappears from the pane. This is I believe what the default behaviour should be.

Therefore perhaps is it something left from the public beta of iOS when I created these two tags? They appear in Monterey now, but still stubbornly persistent!

Any ideas?

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I have the same issue. I have a tag in apple notes that hasn’t “deleted” and also one tag in reminders not “deleted” even though nothing shows up. I did not use any of the public betas, only started using the tags in ios15 and now monterey.

Its super secretive don’t tell anyone… Clear your completed tasks. :grin:

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This is the obvious solution which have tried multiple times and doesn’t work. Same with notes have deleted all notes from deleted folder and still there is a tag that persists in each.

That’s what I thought, but as I said in the original post, doesn’t work :unamused:
Fortunately they are not mistyped/misspelt ones but I don’t use them anymore…really annoying if they were though.

I agree. It’s super frustrating to have the random tag there without anything attached to it messing things up.