Deletion of mail

I thought there was a way to delete a piece of email from one device and it would be deleted from a second device. Is this set up in settings? Or am I totally losing it? I hate having to read mail on one device only to have to go through everything a second time. If there is a way please advise me. Thank you! Suzy

Are you using POP to read your email? If so, switch to IMAP and it will sync between devices.


I believe I am using pop. If I remember correctly I had problems using imap. I will try again, thanks!


POP3 works fine if you only ever download to one computer or device. However, it seems that POP3 does not suit many people these days.

I download my email only to my Mac. If I’m out and about and really need to check email, I’ll use the web-based email interface that Hover provides. And then only to read any waiting email.