Delivery Tracking Apps

I’m a long time user of Deliveries by JuneCloud, but their warning in recent times that the app was going ot be less useful as delivery companies locked down their APIs sent me looking around at others. Lots of people recommend Parcel, but it has what I consider some strong drawbacks. The biggest is the notification system: When I have multiple packages I’m tracking, it will update their tracking information all at the same time and then send me one notification after another and I get a notification storm, one after the other, every few seconds: Ding! [pause] Ding! [pause] Ding! Sometimes I have 8 or 10 packages I’m tracking and drives me batty.

The other is that it sometimes takes a long time to pick up tracking for Amazon packages. With Deliveries there’s an email address and so I have a Gmail filter that auto-forwards Amazon receipts, but Parcel can take days to start tracking the same package.

For now, while Deliveries still works, I’m running them concurrently, but I’m considering deleting Parcel until Deliveries no longer works and then gritting my teeth with it.

Are there other options?

I’ve given up on them. I just go by Amazon’s emails and when it tells me it has been delivered, I walk up to my Mail service and pick them up. I wish I could have one dashboard showing me all status’ for all packages from all sources, but that seems to be rather impossible at this point…


Used to be a long time user of Deliveries then switched to Parcel for the same reason as OP. Couldn’t be happier. Works perfectly for me. I have notifications sent to my daily summaries so even if there are multiples, it doesn’t matter to me. And Amazon? I don’t know but for me it picks them up right away, however, it doesn’t show orders while their unfulfilled, it only shows them once the packages are on their way.


Google is rolling out tracking in Gmail. I set it up about a week ago

FYI USPS will send you an email each morning containing images of each letter and details on packages if you sign up for Informed Delivery

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My experience with Parcel is the same. Amazon notifications at worst 10 minutes after the corresponding emails. Usually less than 5 minutes.

I like Parcel too. Since I’m a minimalist for notifications, I have them turned off. Works great for me. It impresses me how quickly the Amazon shipments are listed.