Deskovery - window management

This seems like a cool solution to some window management frustrations I’ve been having, but this SIP thing is both complicated and scary looking!

Do you use this? Is it good? Is there a better solution? Specifically, i’d like an “always on top” option that I can get to my colleagues (who won’t use the command line…)

Disabling SIP, even for a single reboot to install something, is a no-go for me. There’s a reason Apple has locked those files down and even a benevolent app could have a bug or become compromised in such a way as to do serious damage to you system or data. The only exception I make is for data recovery apps that might need to access those sectors of a hard drive to recover deleted files.

If it’s super important I’d file feedback with the company. If they’re registered Apple devs they can file radars and feature request with Apple to move the necessary files out of SIP if they can or find an alternative method.

I prefer to draw a hard line on SIP, but if the risk seems worth it to you go for it.

To answer your actual question, the preference files necessary to keep a window floating on top of other windows are protected by SIP. I did a little research and any app that says it can do this also asks you to turn of SIP. So if you want to float more than just an iTunes player you’ll have to do what Deskovery is asking you to do.

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I’d just figure out an alternative approach like using Moom presets to configure window locations and sizes. The vulnerabilities and complexity of configuration don’t seems worth it for the return in usability.

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