Devonthink bulk file rename

I have a good sized library of PDFs in Devonthink and would like to convert all of my titles to lowercase. Currently, the only way I can come up with to do this is to edit each title individually and use “Transform” in the menu bar. In the finder it is possible to rename finder items en masse through Automator but I’m not sure how to do it in Devonthink. Ideally, I would love to convert other text fields (Comments) to lowercase as well (note that my PDFs are stored in Devonthink, not indexed reference files). Thanks for any ideas!

Did you ask their forum? There is a library of rename scripts packaged with the app, a large collection of user-contributed scripts going back decades, and the dev himself might whip up an answer for you. Worth asking the experts there.

Specific to your request, the built-in script, “Rename using RegEx” will do the job. As always, try these scripts on a test batch – duplicate some documents and try script. There are lots of places on the internet to help with the RegEx (including the DEVONthink forum). Just search for “RegEx change upper case to sentence case” with Google or Bing.

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This^^ @Seanndaly. There are extensive scripts to rename files that are available, with suffix/prefix and replace options. Some might even be built in, under the scripts menu - cannot remember if mine are user-defined, or were there from the get-go on DTPO.

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Thank you for all the suggestions. I posted in the forums and as predicted the dev responsed with a custom script!