DEVONthink Script to Task Managers

I know, I know…another DEVONthink thread!

I am a good solid user of DT, not a novice and not yet a power user, but getting closer, at least that is what I like telling myself! :slight_smile:

I just discovered that I can use a built in DT script to create tasks directly in Things (or other task manager) without the need to manually copy the URL link. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to the item in DEVONthink Pro (Office)
  2. Choose Scripts > Reminders > Add as To Do to Things
  3. Choose a due date
  4. Click OK

The task is created in Things (or other task manager) and has an x-devonthink-item:// link in its notes. When you later work your task and want to see your item, go to the task’s notes and click the link. DEVONthink will be brought to the foreground and show the item.

Because one can create so many types of notes, can import any email message, and have all of the powerful features of DT (including wiki links for PKM, etc.), I’m considering exporting my Craft notes into DT. I love Craft and have no complaints, I would, however, love to have as much as possible the “one app to rule them all.” Obviously that is not possible but if I can efficiently consolidate all of my notes, research, book highlights, project material, related emails, etc., into just two apps-in my case Things and DT, that strikes me as more efficient. Additionally, the power of DT to convert files into multiple formats and export them in multiple formats, and that all of the files reside on my computer, makes a compelling case. DT is not a great note taking app but perhaps good enough considering all of its features combined. And, one can use other apps, e.g., I’m using Drafts for this purpose. As mentioned on the recent MPU’s podcast, systems bring value and benefits that discreet apps lack on their own. If I can combine all of these functions I am building at least the basics of a consolidated system.

I discovered this only because over the last two weeks the drag mail to Craft to create a link function has stopped working. The Craft developers are working on a fix but this caused me to review a few options specific to DT.

PS As an experiment I exported all of my Craft notes and imported them into DT. It took only five minutes and I have a lot of Craft notes. The Craft folder structure, notes, and all links imported into DT perfectly, even links to Google docs.

PSS Although Apple Mail does not have a share sheet, the DT extension integrates with Mail so that one can send a Mail message directly to DT.


How are you using both Notebooks and Devonthink?

It is worth the effort! :slight_smile:

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That is very slick. Must think of how to incorporate into my work flow!

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