Devonthink smart rules

Hi, I have recently taken the plunge and dived into DEVONthink ! I have moved a lot of smart rules from Hazel to work in DEVONthink. When I import emails I have set up a smart rule to convert anything in my inbox with ext .eml to a .pdf. Then my smart rules kick in to file receipts. However, I can’t work out how to include in the first smart rule delete .eml after converting to .pdf. This sounds like such a simple thing to do ! I have found delete and move to trash but no options associated. There must be someone here who can point me in the right direction ! Thank you

What options were you thinking of? The actions apply to the thing found by the Smart Rule – in your case, the .eml. So, for example, the actions to convert the .eml to .pdf and then move the .eml to Trash would be:

Be careful not to use the “Delete” action. Delete is permanent. The document is not sent to DEVONthink Trash nor is it sent to macOS Trash. It is gone.

The DEVONthink manuals are here, if that helps.


Thanks for swift response !! I did try move to trash but nothing happened ! I thought it was expecting me to say move what to trash. It’s a help to know the actions apply to the thing found in the first place. I’ll try again and be patient ! I do have trouble getting the rules to work spontaneously. Thanks Dorothy

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If you make a screenshot of your Smart Rule and post it to the Automation section of the DEVONthink forum you can get help with diagnosing rules that do not operate the way you expect.

Hi there, thank you so much for that tip !! I didn’t realise I could do that. So far the rules for filing have been working ok as it is very similar to Hazel. I’m really liking DEVONthink although I’m only using it in a simple way. I like being able to do everything in one place and the dock link makes it so easy to do notes and screenshots etc. It is certainly keeping me busy of an evening when the tv is so awful !! By the way I’m an old pensioner (77) who just enjoys her tech and particularly Apple tech ! I think David should do a Field Guide on DEVONthink !


Meanwhile, there is the “Take Control of DEVONthink 3” book by Joe Kissell, author of many of the Take Control series of Mac-oriented explainer books. This can be downloaded at no cost from DEVONtechnologies’ Handbooks and Extras page.


Yes, that’s what I started with it was a great help ! many thanks