#Devonthink To Go — Recosidered

Beginning User Experience From Skeptical To Seeing Possibilities

The major threads on Devonthink To Go (DTG) intrigued, but I hesitated.

Minor crisis, the flooring in our home needs to be replaced. In the past, I’d have used Evernote to gather all the info into neat stacks.

Trying something new… DTG on my iPad passed my first poke & prod test. Push some buttons, typed and it performed. Ok, I see how that works… Wonder what happens if I try this…

Then i grabbed warranty info, color charts, insulation instructions, … different bands and types. Saved links and PDFs.

This is useful. … all in place.

Downloaded the DTG manual

Pleased so far…

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I’ve had DTPO and DTTG for a few years, and they have languished with DTPO being a place for receipts. But, with the convos you mentioned, and watching the Screencasts, it looks like it could be what I’ve needed all along.

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