Dictate to Day One


Can anybody help me create a Shortcuts workflow where I can instantly dictate to a new entry in Day One?

Thanks :blush:

This should do just that

Dictate Day One Entry

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Tak Tonny. Det var lige præcis hvad jeg ledte efter :blush:

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Det var så lidt :smiley:

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Day one added this functionality to setup directly within their settings page

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But that has to be in English right? I would prefer being able to speak in danish and have it transcribed in Day One

I have no idea

Speak to the Day one support team within the app and ask them if there’s support for other languages

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@andreasl I updated the shortcut with dictation for the heading, too :smiley:

Dictate to Day One in non-English languages

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Thanks. But I usually dictate very long sentences and many many words for a long time. Having Siri read back to me at the end what I’ve dictated will probably be a nuisance :blush:

@Tonny_Bukdahl do you also have a shortcut where you can dictate to Drafts5 in danish? :blush:

@andreasl then just remove the “read back” actions of the shortcut - it’ll still work :slight_smile:

Here you go, a very basic dictate for Drafts shortcut

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Is this the one I should remove?

Yup that’s the one :slight_smile:

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