Dictation on the iPhone...anything new

I’ve been using Drafts and Otter to dictate on my iPhone, on my commute. Both okay, but wondering with the new IOS if anyone is using a new program successfully?

(I have a 30 minute solo-drive commute and love to dictate during that time.)

Any suggestions?

Just Press Record is my tool of choice.

On good quality recordings, it does a decent job transcribing your dictations as well. It has good Apple Watch integration as well

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Doesn’t Apple’s own Voice Memos do the trick (seriously. I’ve not the need for dictation at the moment, so is a honest question looking for an honest answer…)?

That is a good point Clay. However, Voice Memos doesn’t automatically transcribe. I hadn’t noted that in my post, but the auto transcribe is what I need/want.

Y’know, I had used JPR for a while but forgot about it. I did like it, but found the transcription not as good as Drafts.

I would love Drafts if the time of recording was longer.

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Agreed on both points:

  1. Drafts is incredibly good at dictation.
  2. What I like about JPR is that sometimes when I am composing - especially if I am deep in process - I am a little more raw with dictation. Having the recording to go back to if I need it, but also have the autodictation is a huge plus. And, as mentioned before, the app on the watch makes for an EXCELLENT companion app.
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Are you referring to the duration of a dictation that you want to record? You can set Drafts to have an infinite dictation duration (tap the duration to change it):

Use the Drafts dictate menu option and not the microphone at the bottom of the keyboard:

Hope this helps. If I’ve misunderstood your issue, sorry!

Ah…Tony…that is wonderful! Thanks greatly…

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