Dictation on the Mac, iPad and OS - great blogpost from the original Mac guy

Here’s a nice write-up about the practical side of using Dictation from @Jeagar52 : Surgery Prompted Me to Use Dictation on My Mac and iPad - Original Mac Guy

It feels like dictation and voice control are both almost there. Voice control actually seems to work most of the time nowadays! It was an embarrassment until the latest macOS release fixed a load of ugly bugs.

I’m trying to use a mix of voice control, keyboard navigation, and bike.app to do my “idea processing”. So long as I don’t try to correct and rewrite too much as I go, it’s okay.

Thanks Jim! Much appreciate the time you take to share.

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How could you do this, with a bike.app?

Search engines are handy tools …




Hi @Clarke_Ching, thanks for the highlight of my blog post. It’s been a new adventure using dictation a lot more. I’m now using dictation for all of my morning journaling.

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