Dictation spellings. Is this a stupid question?

Here’s one that has been bugging me for a while!

So, my son’s name is Reuben. However whatever using dictation my iPhone usually spells it RUBEN rather than are REUBEN. Is there some way of forcing the system to recognise the correct spelling whenever I say the name?

Please say yes :grimacing:

Oh… And then tell me how :pray:t5:

Is Reuben in your contacts?
You might try adding a contact for him, then telling Siri that Reuben is your son. She may then infer the proper spelling when you dictate to her. Seems like I did this for my friend with an unusual name. Also, I think if you regularly text your son, Siri is more likely to choose the correct spelling. (Realizing that your son might not be old enough to text.)

People say adding a nickname with the correct spelling will work. Others say placing the name in “quotes” well help. Others add an autocorrect to fix the spelling. source.

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All good points.

Thanks for that.

I’ll give it a try.

You can also correct Siri on het spelling once she’s listened.