Dictation v.s. Voice control - Mac, iPados and iOS

Has anyone compared the quality of Siri dictation v.s. Voice Control dictation?

(I’m only interested in the dictation parts of voice control, just now)

I think voice control dictation is better, but I’m not sure.

(I’m not the best to judge because Siri dictation has a New Zealand option and voice control only has Australian … and they are NOT THE SAME. To confuse things i have a New Zealand accent that’s been modified by years of living in Scotland and Ireland, but I spend most of my time talking to Australians.)

Entirely anecdotally, I feel that Siri dictation on iOS devices is ever so slightly quicker and more reliable than Dictation on my MBP (14", M1, which should easily outpace my ageing iPhone SE). I have no idea if these even use the same engines. There are also other factors in play I don’t control for; e.g. when I dictate to my phone I tend to talk into the mic directly, whereas my MBP is on the desk and further away. I don’t have a separate mic for it and really should invest in one. I don’t really use the ‘Accessibility / Voice Control’ features on MacOS, where you can build your own vocabulary which I imagine helps.

I am a native Dutch speaker (dictating exclusively in English!) who, co-incidentally, also picked up a vague Scottish twang from living in Glasgow for years, though I now live in England.

See MPU 658 for some more context and info!

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FWIW dictation on my iPad Pro seems to have gotten worse lately. It rarely “hears” my first couple of words correct and seems to lag a lot.