Did Ambrosia SW go out of business?

I’m still installing my apps on my M1 Mac mini.
When I went to download Snaps ProX from Ambrosia SW, it looks like their website is no longer maintained. When did they go out of business?

Effectively several years ago, and they shut down the website a couple of years ago. Andrew works and publishes in web development now. I don’t know if anyone maintains a community download or the state of compatibility.

Long live Escape Velocity!

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That’s a shame, I really liked that program


This might help? How to record the screen on your Mac - Apple Support
Yes it’s sad when old favorites slip away.

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It was quality software. I didn’t use it that often, but when I needed it, it was quite handy.

Perhaps this remake will soothe your aching heart?

ETA: July 2021 !!!

Sadly. there was a game called Galaxy on Fire for the iPad that was similar but was shut down in August 2020 due to bankruptcy…

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