Did iPadOS 14 just drop early?

My iPad is in the (public not dev) beta program but the current update just says iPadOS 14, no GM or beta #…installing now.

And now it says I’m running iPad OS 14.0 !

Which build?

(It’s probably the GM)

18A373 20 characters

It looks like it. I updated to public beta 8 last night. Now, I have an update for iPadOS 14.0.

Looks like https://www.colorhexa.com/18a373 the blue-green master

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I was on 14b8 until 5 minutes ago. iOS 14 is now downloading on my iPhone. iPadOS 14 is loading on my iPad.

I’ve been keeping the beta up to date. I just removed the beta profile and rebooted. The version shows 18A5373a — no update showing up.

Yes the version # matches though I’m in public not developer beta program.

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I was also in the public beta. :+1:

Remember to remove your beta profile if you want off the beta train.


Looks like mine is doing the same.

Mine (iPhone and iPad) are both downloading, too. Is this the GM or the released version, then? I was only on the public betas, if that makes a difference.

Good reminder. That was inconvenient for me last year. I kept getting unwanted betas for dot releases.

If you go to Settings > General > About then tap the version # it will show the build.

If it’s 18A373 then it’s the GM.


If it’s a later one? Not sure…

So yes: we’re out of Beta

Not showing at 12:30 AM PST on 16 Sept on my phone which wasn’t in the beta program.

It was the GM for me. The released version probably ships this morning after 10:00 AM Pacific.

I still haven’t seen the release of iOS 14 or iPadOS 14. I understood that v 14 would be released today. Anyone have a time for this?

Downloading and installing now.

Yes, dropped about 10 minutes ago! iPhone is downloading as I type!