Did Ulysses just hike their price by, like a lot?

I’ve been using Ulysses for quite a few years now, always been quite happy with it, but in no way a heavy user who writes a lot. Still, I’ve enjoyed the Projects and Sheets type of organisation of notes that it offers.

Now I realize that I have been given a “Migration offer” at what seems to be a significantly higher price that I previously have paid. I mean, I’m already on a yearly subscription - what am I being migrated to? (Their web pages and FAQs were not much help in this case.)

Anyone else noticed this, or know the story behind this “migration”?

I’ve not seen anything. Where are you seeing this? This concerns me as I’m not sure I’m willing to pay more than the $50/year that I’m paying now. If the price is going up I may have to find another option.

The pricing seems to remain unchanged at $50 both on the website and on the App Store.

@airwhale How much were you paying up until now?

Yes, that’s what I’m seeing as well.

Yeah, my bad. Seems like the price is unchanged - just forgot that price tag.

Guess I’m still on some grandfathered plan since the paid version at a 30% discount, so I really should not complain.


Ulysses is included in Setapp.

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Thanks, that is a nice service!

In hindsight, Setapp would have been a smart move on my part. Already got a lot of the included apps elsewhere, so the math sadly don’t add up.


I got a discounted Setapp trial last year, and I might keep it. I too already owned most of the apps that would have been attractive to me. And I am resentful to no end of the concept of paying a subscription for apps that are blatantly not a service. But when certain apps are only offered via subscription, and have no alternative you like, and so your only options are ~$6/mo for said app standalone, or, $10/mo for said app and a hundred more via Setapp, the value proposition of Setapp goes up quite a lot.


I’ve eliminated nearly all subscriptions. One I don’t intend to eliminate is 1Password, at least not until keychain significantly improves.

I really think Setapp is worth it, especially now when Ukraine needs cash.


This really does depend on your usage. I used Setapp until they started charging per device, it then became way too expensive to have apps running on macos and ios. In reality there weren’t many ‘must have’ apps in Setapp and many were apps that I’d bought bundled. In the end it was far cheaper to get the individual apps I was actually going to use.

When I checked if Setapp might be worth the price, it seems to me that the majority of the offered apps are freeware anyway!

It does, of course. For me, the full-featured versions of Ulysses, bartender, Clean My Mac, Aeon Timeline, NotePlan and MindNode made it worthwhile. I don’t need 24 Hour Wallpaper, but I do enjoy it. I don’t want all of them on iOS, which makes a big difference in pricing.

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It comes included in Setapp. The Setapp has a great collection of software for what I consider to be a reasonable price. I highly recommend it. And I detest subscriptions. Btw, they are located in the Ukraine but I have not encountered any problems. It is kind of nice to support the Ukranians.

I just checked. Ulysses opened with no problem.


I don’t think that’s true. Most of the apps have a free version of some kind but Setapp enables the pro/less-limited versions.


I prefer Scrivener by far anyway. I had no idea.